Issue 133
Playing Fashion reunites with Dutch model Marique Schimmel.
From first appearing in Playing Fashion’s March 2011 print issue, to this model profile, Marique Schimmel is one of the girls that has paved through the ever-revolving door of coming and going models. Her lasting beauty and consistent top clients have gotten her the title of “Money Girl” while also being an editorial favorite.

An innocent story of discovery, she was scouted in 2010 while shopping in Amsterdam. Over the past six years, Marique’s personality remains grounded, while still managing to give everyone goosebumps with her masterful presence on set.

Playing Fashion catches up as she reveals her rest and relaxation rituals, guilty pleasures, and sweet tooth.
are both home. I grew up in a place called Enkhuizen. I lived there until I was twenty so all my childhood and teenage memories are there. That is special enough as it is!
I was not easy! A little brat. I was crazy about dolphins and horses, I wanted to be a veterinarian.
with one of my dogs waking me up. I walk them, make them breakfast and then a cup of tea for myself. I really enjoy cooking things from scratch, from breakfast granola to lasagna. Italian food is just the best!
I think working out a lot as a kid made me fit to this day. I just do the gym now. I’m not into cardio, so what I like to do is sprint and add weight training on after.
I took a course and it taught me a lot. That’s something I take to every shoot. Right now you can ask me to be anything and I’ll be in my zone!
is spent with my boyfriend and dogs. I’ll go to this amazing spa in NYC called Aire. I have the best body therapist there and after long flights, it’s a must.
is super easy. Usually black jeans, t-shirt and boots, but I can really dress it up into something nice. Givenchy is my all time favourite for t-shirts and sweaters.
is quick for me. Just some YSL Touche Éclat or Laura Mercier under the eyes does the trick. I’ve been wearing the same fragrance since I was fourteen – Ralph by Ralph Lauren.
Lip balm, keys, my phone, wallet, and a bag to put it all in! (laughs)
is part of my job. I typically post pictures from a shoot or a backstage shot. You won’t find much of my private life on there!
Loving and being loved. Or Nutella, lots of Nutella… One of my guilty pleasures is eating apple pie with vanilla ice cream on the couch while watching a TV show.

Follow Marique on Instagram: @mariqueschimmel

Photography by Felix Wong; styling by Yuiko Ikebata, hair & make-up by Cynthia Christina; model: Marique Schimmel @ Supreme; casting by Bert Martirosyan.

Opening image: Top by Issey Miyake.
Words by Bert Martirosyan
Issue 132
Falling For School
The further we get into fall - the more nostalgic we get about that first day of school.
Sentimental to the traditional school girl look, we find ourselves playing with short length skirts, patterned jackets and tall socks with our knees still exposed. With warm shades of nature and the soft feel of wool, this fall embraces a more romantic side of school days. As the trees change colors with the shift in weather, the apparel this season follows suit: Burgundy, browns, reds, grey and cream compliment each other with a plethora of fabric types. Chunky knits bundled under long sleeved jackets play with textures and patterns, looking effortlessly charming and subtly alluring while keeping warm on way to winter.
The naturally styled hair also compliments the earthy nature of this season as you wrap a scarf around yourself to feel cozy against the chilly winds. Find comfort in yourself through various lengths of layers by mixing long jackets with short bottoms or long pants with a high waisted tweed jacket show. This mélange of romantic fall colors and school helps embrace our body shapes with a natural and soft look.

Opening Image: Coat by Folkjumper by John Smedley; shorts by Paul & Joe;socks by American Apparel; shoes by Dr. Martins. Photography by by Michelle Beatty; photo assistant: Matt Moran; styling by Rachel Davis / One Represents; make up by Kristina Ralph; hair by Johnnie Biles / Stella Creative Artists; model: Sonya Maltceva / M&P; casting by Bert Martirosyan; retouching: Kivela Imaging.
Words by Caitlin King
Issue 131
The Sweetest Thing
Long Hot Days Are Punctuated with the Sweetness of Good Girl Style.
Beat The Heat. In hues of the primmest pinks, and soothing blues we welcome the sweeter sides of street style. Unhinged comes our tough exterior, shedding our biker jackets, leaving only a Lolita-like state of summer-wear. Paired with sun-kissed skin, are ice cream tones that bring out the power of our girlish sides and the playfulness of a mid-summer breeze. Lightweight knits, and silk slip dresses keep the heat at bay, while proving to be the uniform for achieving this look. Dive in, sweet thing.

Opening Image: Ashish dress, Intimissimi bra. Photography by Stella Asia Consonni; styling by Francesca Turner; hair by Yusuke Morioka; makeup by Michelle Dacillo; model: Stephanie Hall / Models1; photographer's assistant: Hana Zborilkova.
Words by Michaela d'Artois
Issue 130
Dark Romance
This summer, set the mood with blooms that fade to black, with a whole new take on florals.
Park after dark. It's officially time to take transition femininity of florals to a new noir with this springs' Dark Romance. Indulge in the edgier side of blooms, with a beclouded love affair between jewel toned petals, and gothic inspired proportions. Floras new graphic prints make for a rock star garden party when paired with dark denim, a black tee, or leather jacket. Take the sartorial on a jaunt into the park after dark.

Opening Image: Emma Berwin Fur jacket; Intimissimi bra; Zeynep Kartal pants; Melissa x Alexander Herchcovitch shoes. Photography by Jeff Boudreau; styling by Michelle Kelly / Carol Hayes Management; hair by Terri Capon / Factory London; makeup by Oonah Anderson; model: Mila / Select; photographer's assistant: Antonio Milevcic.
Words by Michaela d'Artois
Issue 129
Natasha Oakley
Playing Fashion is into blogger and designer, Natasha Oakley, who lives her life in a bikini, in shape and in style.
Tall, thin, tanned, and blonde Natasha Oakley lives a life chilling by the beach making most of us envious of her carefree jetset lifestyle under the sun from Sydney to L.A. That is as it seems from her 2012 co-founded blog “A Bikini A Day”, which shows best friend and co-founder Devin Brugman and herself in the cutest and latest bikinis. Running the blog with brains and beauty, the bodacious Ms. Oakley is the hottest swimwear brand’s new darling collaborating with key players in the industry from newcomer Acacia Swimwear to luxe fave Melissa Odabash through to established player Zimmermann. With a whopping 1.1 million followers on Instagram and a sold-out swimwear line, Monday, which she co-founded with Ms. Brugman, the sassy Aussie has made more than just a splash in the industry in her bikini, in shape and in style.

Here, the twenty-three year old talks to Playing Fashion about how she keeps her style sizzling wherever she goes and reveals what’s next for Monday.
(Editor’s note: her mother is Miss Universe Lynette Laming.) She has always dressed in such an elegant, chic, yet feminine and sexy way. She has influenced me to keep my style simple and subtly sexy.
on where I am, not only between LA and Sydney, but all of the other places I travel to regularly: Paris, NYC, Hawaii. There are somethings I would wear in Sydney that I would never wear in LA. Usually no matter where I am I will incorporate a beachy chic look into what I wear. If it’s winter I live in my leather jackets and boots and in summer I live in my dresses and sandals.
I prefer classic looks and pieces that suit my body shape and personality. Although sometimes if I am loving a certain trend I will incorporate it into my wardrobe. Lately, I am loving ripped t-shirts, lace up boots and neoprene bikinis!
all over the world. My favorite high-end designers are Saint Laurent, Celine and A.L.C. I also love Australian designers Viktoria and Woods, Aje and Maticevski. For sunglasses, I love Oliver Peoples. My favorite stores when I’m home in LA are Barneys, Intermix and Maxfields.
In summer, I live in my Camilla Kaftans - always comfortable yet glamorous; denim cut offs - every Sydney girl’s summer basic; boyfriend jeans - I love the ripped denim look, so easy to slip on with a white tee and a few favorite sun dresses for when I am feeling girly and want to twirl around (I love to twirl dance).
We have our NEW Summer 2015 collection coming out in July, which we think is even better than the last! We shot the campaign in the Bahamas and are so excited to release it to ours fans.
but not just because of being known for the “perfect beach body”, I feel best when I am healthy and in shape, mentally and physically. Travelling constantly can take a toll, so it’s important for me to be fit. I have shoots, meetings and travel everyday including weekends and holidays! To stay in shape I work out a minimum of 4 times a week, my routine changes depending on where I am in the world but eating healthy and staying hydrated are also a big part of being fit for me!
I feel our followers have always gravitated to my best friend Devin and I for so much more than our body: our friendship, our entrepreneurial spirit and our positive outlook on life. Something that has been really great lately is showing our personalities via snapchat, our engagement is higher than Instagram because our followers love seeing Devin and I’s, lets say, “silly” side. It’s not all glamour and tropical beaches, we’ve broken down on the side of the road, spent hours on airports floors from missed flights and struggled through full day exhausting fitness shoots, all moments that we wouldn’t usually share with our followers!

Photography by Tim Ashton / Work Agency; styling by Nicki Colbran; hair and makeup by Joel Phillips using M.A.C Cosmetics and O&M Haircare;photo assistants: Jarrod Harrison & Alex Tracey.

Opening Image: Topshop top, Zimmermann pants, Iris & Ink coat - available exclusively available at the
Words by Carrie Lau

Wherever she goes, Ms. Oakley always incorporates
a beachy chic look into what she wear.
Issue 128
Practically Perfect
Staying neutral has never been so stylish as military influenced minimalism marches into our wardrobes.
Sticking to neutrals is hardly a fault when it comes to spring style. We don't call it playing safe, but playing it smart. With shades of taupe and cream, an everyday ensemble flourishes through textures and proportions. Pleats, pockets, and pairings come in handy when pulling action from more than just colors and prints. With odes to military structure, finding a feminine balance speaks to those fearless enough to stay simple.

Opening Image: blanket, worn as a cape, by Hackett; dress by Rosetta Getty; belt - stylist's own; hat by The Kooples. Photography by Erin Eve; styling by Natasha Heasman; hair by Thomas Silverman; makeup by Rebecca McMahon; model: Isabell / M+P.
Words by Michaela d'Artois
Issue 127
Natural Cheeks
Organic make-up brand founder, Kirsten Kjær Weis, shares tips on how to achieve natural glowing cheeks this spring.
At first blush. This spring, brighten up and awaken your face and create that oh-so-in-love look with just a little color on your cheeks. The shy blush - despite its humble and reserved ways - is equally impactful and alluring as other booming spring make-up trends, like colorful eyeshadows or sweet kiss-me-now lips. Kirsten Kjær Weis, make-up artist and founder of the forward thinking organic cosmetics line, agrees that blush adds a healthy, radiance to the face, “For me personally, blush is much more important than a mascara. It's an instant lift-up. It can make a sleepless night look like the opposite.“

Indeed, a little blush is the artistic stroke that easily adds colors and contours to the face. However, with so many different shades and so many different blush formulations - creams, sticks, powders, and cheek stains - popping up in the market everyday, what should be chosen to achieve that perfect fresh dewy result every time? “For spring, I would use subtle, rosy or coral hues,” advises the Danish-born, New York-based makeup artist. Kirsten believes the best formulation is a cream blush, “it’s subtle, blendable and effortless, leaving the skin with a natural glow.” What’s more, cream blushes are perfect for multi-purpose use as well, she adds, referring to its use also as a lip color. Produced and certified organic in Italy, the Kjær Weis Cream Blushes in Blossoming, Sun-Touched and Lovely are perfect to use in anticipation of warmer days, she advises, “I suggest applying the cream blushes to the apple of the cheek, as it gives that warm, fresh-faced glow.”

Photography by Anya Holdstock; styling by Olimpia Liberti; model: Mies / IMG; hair & make-up by Lucy Thomas.
Words by Carrie Lau
Issue 126
Anndra Neen
Sibling duo Annette and Phoebe Stephens are redefining wearable art with jewelry label Anndra Neen.
Sister, sister. Combining their creative vision, as well as their first and middle names, is how Annette and Phoebe Stephens became Anndra Neen. “Even our parents now call us ‘The Neens,’” confesses Phoebe. With their roots stemming from Mexico City and inspiration from their grandmother who was all things grand in style, it was on a trip to Japan that spawned the idea for Anndra Neen – wearable handmade architecture varying in size, shape and materials like brass, gold, shell and bone. Playing Fashion sat down with the siblings to talk about business, feminine inspirations, while discovering just how they have customers by the wrist (literally).

Anndra Neen was met with positive responses from critics and sales after their initial debut in 2009, a time when the industry was yearning for individuality. “Our first collection was very visceral. The market was saturated with many similar things, and we really wanted something different,” says Phoebe. Their jewelry has evolved and become more experimental, ranging with motifs of Egyptian, Japanese, even Medieval influence and an immense attention to handmade technique.

The sisters grew up with a strong feminine influence siting Diana Vreeland, Frida Khalo and Peggy Guggenheim as some of their influences. Growing up with three brothers, the sisters stuck together and embraced femininity: an integral role in their designs. “There’s a strength in the pieces that pays homage to the femininity,” explained Annette. “It says that femininity doesn’t have to be a delicate thing, but one of great strength.” The two also overcome any complications of running a “family business.” “We always get asked if we run into obstacles because of our close relationship, but we’ve always been best friends,” revealed Annette. “We understand each other now better than ever, making the business side easy,” adds Phoebe.

Now with staples like the “Cage” motif found on either a clutch, a wearable cuff or iPhone case, Anndra Neen is pushing the handmade technique with more finely crafted compositions and materials. With an ecommerce shop coming soon, as well as finally adding color to their designs, the duo envisions becoming a lifestyle brand. “We have fantasies about a home collection, fine jewelry, experimenting with eyewear and leather goods,” Annette admitted. “It’s just the beginning,” declared Phoebe. With street style stars, fashion insiders and now celebrities from First Lady Michelle Obama to Solange Knowles donning the fine crafted jewelry, growth is imminent and much anticipated.

Photography by Jens Ingvarsson; styling by Robert Mishchenko; hair by Alexandra Nesterchuk using Kerastase; makeup by Stephanie Peterson; model: Anniek / New York Models. Portrait: makeup by Colleen Runne.
Words by Bert Martirosyan
Issue 125
Textured Updos
Hairstylist Björn Krischker teaches us how to do a textured updo for any occasion - day or night.
A Must Do. "A textured updo always stands for a modern and young lifestyle. It looks light and easy, natural yet groomed. The woman who wears this style will look carefree (although she cares about it a lot!!). It‘s not always about control but about letting go as well. As seen at Giles, Diane von Furstenberg, Michael Kors and Missoni’s fashion shows this season, this is a very versatile hairstyle and so is the women wearing it. Personally, I was inspired by women who are glamorous yet approachable - they don‘t scare people off with their looks but attract them - you just want to know more about that person because she looks gorgeous and open minded.

A textured updo works for any occasion but it is down to your combination with make up and fashion styling that completesor complements the look, e.g. perfectly done smokey eyes and a nude lip go great with a textured updo in the evening or no-make-up-eyes and a red lip combined with a messy hair texture work anytime day or night. Also, a big ball gown works with a textured updo as you can see on celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Bar Rafaeli, Taylor Swift, Lorde and Rachel Bilson at red carpet occasions. It makes the whole look more approachable and younger.

A textured updo is always easier to create than hairstyles with perfect shapes as you can cheat a little bit with loose strands and a slightly messy texture. Nevertheless, updos always take practice in order to achieve the desired result - and you might have to amend them to your face and head shape, your hair line and texture. The texture of the hair is essential! But you can achieve this easily with the right choice of product. You need the perfect “grip” in the hair so that it holds very well. So, it is an advantage to have slightly damaged or over processed hair. Those broken off strands finally have a purpose and actually help to create a textured slightly messy look, because you get a natural 'grip' and it is much easier to make the hair hold up. It’s also gorgeous to have shorter bits around the face that loosen up the hairstyle. It also helps if your hair isn‘t freshly washed because your hair won‘t be as slippery. If your hair is in perfect condition, just use a texturizing cream or spray before starting to style your hair."

Photography by Daniel Nadel / Kayte Ellis Agency; hair and production by Bjørn Krischker / Frank Agency using Phyto Haircare and Hair Rehab London; styling by Fiona Downie / Frank Agency; makeup by Kenneth Soh / Frank Agency using make up from Ellis Faas and skincare from Balance; nails by Sophie Harris-Greenslade using OPI; model: Semka Semenchenko / Select.
Words by Carrie Lau
Issue 124
Steven Tai
Designer Steven Tai breaks the boundaries of casual comfort chic with his quirky and technically innovative touches.
The last thing Steven Tai wanted to do as a kid was with clothing. So he thought… until he made a life-changing decision, as he realized working hard at school without really feeling passionate about the subjects was “a bit senseless” and he yearned to do something creative, so the business degree graduate flew from his native Vancouver to London to pursue his fashion design degree at Central Saint Martins. “I thought art school was going to be a breeze, but I was dead wrong.” says Mr. Tai. To match up to classmates who have an actual arts and fashion educational background, he worked extra hard and gained experience at Stella McCartney, Viktor & Rolf, and Hussein Chalayan in between school terms.

In 2012, the Canadian won the Chloé Award at the Hyères Festival with his graduate collection and was subsequently invited by Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin to show. This generated a lot of press and eventually he was invited to other exhibitions and events.“At that point,” explains Mr. Tai, “I realized I was in a position that many who wants to launch their own label would kill for and opportunities like this doesn't happen often. So, I decided to take the plunge.” The eponymous brand Steventai was born in 2013 and the self-professed bookworm charms fashion critics and buyers with innovative collections inspired by his favorite characters from books. This season’s muse is the unusual character of Emma Hauck who was admitted to a psychiatric hospital in 1909. The many love notes she madly scribbled during her stay there became the inspiration of a familiar and fresh collection, which captures Ms. Hauck’s eternal longing for spring and ultimately her love.

Here, Mr. Tai tells Playing Fashion about his journey from growing up around seamstresses, fabrics, and pattern cutters to founding and designing for his own brand today.
That was the origin to the sportswear details included in my collections and I suppose I was able to familiarize myself with technical materials and finishings that I am able to utilize today with my own collections.
from each house I worked in. A lot of the things I learned are less grandiose like how one brand does fittings and arranges its collection. If there is one thing I noticed in most of the businesses I have been is that you have to be polite but assertive in getting what you need. That doesn't mean to be rude or aggressive. Most people I have worked with know how to get what they need with a smile.
I think I am slightly calmer now. Now that I have interns of my own, I can look back and see what I must have been like as an intern. I am a lot more patient and because I am asking people to do things for me instead of doing things for others, I think the dynamic and expectations from myself changed too.
so far is trying to find a balance between creativity and commercial viability. As we are still a very young brand, the press for the label is extremely important but sales is crucial for sustainability too. Though they are not mutually exclusive, it takes time to figure out the recipe that will create a well balanced range. It helps to review the business plan and keep evaluating it to help me keep my focus.
if I should have been doing something that would contribute to the world in a very direct way, such as being a doctor. But then I remind myself that everyone has their own skill sets and I am happy to support these causes in other manners as long as all of us just do our own part to the best of our abilities.

Photography and art direction by Nick Thompson; styling by Tzarkusi; hair by Fumi Maehara; make-up by Adam De Cruz; make-up assistant: Aleksandra Pilch; model: Flo Dron / Select; location: Dehavilland Studios; photographer's assistant: James Rawlings; lighting by Three Four Snap London.

All fashion throughout this story: Steventai SS15.
Words by Carrie Lau