Issue 125
Textured Updos
Hairstylist Björn Krischker teaches us how to do a textured updo for any occasion - day or night.
A Must Do. "A textured updo always stands for a modern and young lifestyle. It looks light and easy, natural yet groomed. The woman who wears this style will look carefree (although she cares about it a lot!!). It‘s not always about control but about letting go as well. As seen at Giles, Diane von Furstenberg, Michael Kors and Missoni’s fashion shows this season, this is a very versatile hairstyle and so is the women wearing it. Personally, I was inspired by women who are glamorous yet approachable - they don‘t scare people off with their looks but attract them - you just want to know more about that person because she looks gorgeous and open minded.

A textured updo works for any occasion but it is down to your combination with make up and fashion styling that completesor complements the look, e.g. perfectly done smokey eyes and a nude lip go great with a textured updo in the evening or no-make-up-eyes and a red lip combined with a messy hair texture work anytime day or night. Also, a big ball gown works with a textured updo as you can see on celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Bar Rafaeli, Taylor Swift, Lorde and Rachel Bilson at red carpet occasions. It makes the whole look more approachable and younger.

A textured updo is always easier to create than hairstyles with perfect shapes as you can cheat a little bit with loose strands and a slightly messy texture. Nevertheless, updos always take practice in order to achieve the desired result - and you might have to amend them to your face and head shape, your hair line and texture. The texture of the hair is essential! But you can achieve this easily with the right choice of product. You need the perfect “grip” in the hair so that it holds very well. So, it is an advantage to have slightly damaged or over processed hair. Those broken off strands finally have a purpose and actually help to create a textured slightly messy look, because you get a natural 'grip' and it is much easier to make the hair hold up. It’s also gorgeous to have shorter bits around the face that loosen up the hairstyle. It also helps if your hair isn‘t freshly washed because your hair won‘t be as slippery. If your hair is in perfect condition, just use a texturizing cream or spray before starting to style your hair."

Photography by Daniel Nadel / Kayte Ellis Agency; hair and production by Bjørn Krischker / Frank Agency using Phyto Haircare and Hair Rehab London; styling by Fiona Downie / Frank Agency; makeup by Kenneth Soh / Frank Agency using make up from Ellis Faas and skincare from Balance; nails by Sophie Harris-Greenslade using OPI; model: Semka Semenchenko / Select.
Words by Carrie Lau