Issue 138


Amey Martin exemplifies luxurious modern maroquinerie with handbags that take tradition to the future.


Launched in March of 2015 by Jean-Baptiste Amey and Kitsey Martin, AMEY MARTIN is a fresh Parisian based line of handbags that immediately stands out with its tasteful approach to quality and design. With a focus on tradition, every bag is handmade in France by master leather craftsmen and has a futuristic design with contrasting textures like neoprene and leather, adorned with beautiful jewel shoulder straps – which is no wonder why celebrities like Rihanna and FKA Twigs have been seen donning the signature K23 bag.

For their Spring/Summer collection, Amey and Martin took inspiration from the minimalism of Earth’s waterscapes. “There is something really strong in these range of colors… from the light blue ocean to the dark deep black of the abyss.”

Playing Fashion dives in to explore the depths of the young designers’ inspirations, approach to modern luxury, and unearth the singularity of a stand out collection.
What are the roots of your inspiration for this collection?
We have watched on repeat this 90’s French movie Le grand Bleu (The Big Blue). We really liked the images, the large screen shot, and the minimal landscapes. The way that Director Luc Besson imagined a scuba diver as a supernatural human led us to create this ‘epaulière’ with a robotic design. We also decided to mix a technical textile: neoprene, with classical leather (sourced in the most traditional French tanneries). This inspiration was a way to explain, with our first collection, that we are here to think about the future of the luxury maroquinerie.
What was the best advice your parents or mentor gave you? Do you follow it?
Since the beginning of AMEY MARTIN, we have not followed a plan. Only our fascination for beautiful objects and a strong aesthetic requirement to dress women with our handbags. Generally, we don’t follow rules or trends, just our passion.
Is there a piece that defines the brand? What is special about it?
The AMEY MARTIN épaulière. This jewel on the shoulder really defines us. We have designed it specifically to feel really natural on the shoulder. In terms of design, it was created to make the handbag the main piece of a silhouette. Fashion has always been referencing handbags as accessories but actually, for women, it is the most important part of their styling.
What should a woman feel when wearing your designs?
She should feel authenticity and truth. When she is seen carrying one of our bags, its quality should be felt. She should feel like it is a luxury product but not in an ostensive way. This is the vision we have for our designs: natural and beautiful. That is what a women should feel when wearing an AMEY MARTIN bag.
Do you have a favorite fabric? Texture? What about it do you love?
Leather of course. This material is so tricky to understand. It offers so many possibilities in terms of design. As young designers and also "maroquiniers", we really use the material. We stay for hours in French tanneries to select the best leather. We also love exotic skins; they are part of the basis of the brand. We use leather in a modern way to break the traditional perception of it. We love create diversion, and to offer prescriptive bags.
What side of your company (outside of design) are you involved with that excites you, if any?
We have decided to manage our social network ourselves. These medias are a real extension of the brand. We love to explain our work, our inspirations and our ideas. Facebook and Instagram are the best way to understand us and our news.

Opening image: Wood Wood shirt; Danielle Romeril top; Norse Projects dress; Amey Martin bag.

Photography by Masami Naruo; styling by Karina Tanabe Jones; make-up by Yae Pascoe; hair by Tomomi Roppong using Bumble & Bumble; model: Isobella Bowering / The Squad; photographer’s assistant: Steven Lai.
Words by Bert Martirosyan