Issue 16
Hedvig Opshaug

Fashion blogger and street style star, Hedvig Opshaug,
sweeps Playing Fashion away with her graceful aura and refined philosophy on beauty, fashion, and life.
Norway-born and raised and London-based Hedvig Opshaug is a constant source of inspiration for many young women. Sharing daily looks and fashion finds on her site, The Northern Light, the banker-turned-model-turned-blogger makes street-style photographers highly-strung with her every appearance during international Fashion Weeks.

I WAS LIGHT YEARS FROM THE FASHION WORLD with a background in sports, math studies and banking. But choices in life, taking risks, being stubborn and working hard somehow led me down this path. I started with this idea of opening a store and on the way ended up doing something else. I have the mind of an entrepreneur, so I would have tried to start something in one area or another, and with a great passion for fashion. That direction was the most natural way for me.

HONESTLY, I'M NOT FOLLOWING MANY TRENDS. My own style is quite simple. A good pair of jeans, a shirt, and heels are probably what you'll see me wearing most.
But every season I get something new from directional collections I love that can easily be integrated in my already existing wardrobe.
To me style has nothing to do with trends. It's about being timelessly chic without looking as if you're trying to hard.I

LOVE MY KNITWEAR, especially one gorgeous runway piece from A/W 11-12 is close to my heart. I've been a long time fan of Stella McCartney, Céline, Balenciaga, Isabel Marant, Alexander Wang and Acne just to name a few. My list could go on.
My latest find is a pair of classic pumps by Chanel for a bargain price during the summer sales, never happened to me before. Otherwise I've a few new pieces for fall, the knitted tartan sweater from Stella McCartney A/W 13-14 collection is one of them.

I'VE TAKEN WELL CARE OF MY SKIN and had daily routines since my early teens. Every morning and evening, I use cleaning products followed by a moisturiser. Favourite products for many years are a cleaning gel (Special Cleaning gel), a scrub and moisturiser (Smoothing Skin) by Dermalogica along with an eye cream by Clinique (Eye Creme Rich) and night serums by Estée Lauder (Advanced Night Repair). I've used them for years and I'm very happy with the condition of my skin. I actually don't do salons on a regular basis, but always enjoy spas when on holidays. If there are 2 free beauty tips I can give, it has to be: always remove your make-up and clean your skin before going to bed, and drink loads of water.

I’M A FOOD LOVER and I love my wine to go along with it, which requires me to compensate in other areas, that means I eat quite healthy most of the time. I don’t go to gyms regularly, but I'm active all the time, walk everywhere and live on the 4th floor with a baby and no lift.
WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT FROM ME? Who knows what the future brings? I love that about life. But I've my ambitions and projects in the loop so for now I want to keep that as a secret.

NOTHING IS AS EASY AS IT MAY LOOK. I believe success depends on factors that all need to be ticked. Passion, hard work, and talent!

Photography by Paul Whitfield; Styling by Heather Falconer; Make-up by Mai Kodama; Hair by Valeries Benavide; Photographer's assistant: Jake Newwell.
Opening Image: jacket and skirt by Gucci.
Words by Robert Mishchenko

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