Issue 2
A Lively Portrait
Carrie Lau meets senior Fashion editor at ELLE China, Leaf Greener,
and learns why and how she plays Fashion.
On a fine summer afternoon, Playing Fashion had the pleasure to meet Leaf Greener at trendy East London. Leaf is not only a remarkable stylist and fashion consultant, but also senior Fashion editor at one of the most circulated Fashion publication in the world, ELLE China. Along with the most special pieces from the likes of Alaïa to Yazbukey, she is often spotted to be stopping traffic in Fashion capitals like London, Paris, and Milan, by streetstyle photographers.

International recognised as one of the ‘Top Fashion People from China’, the Beijing-born Fashion darling is professional, passionate, punctilious yet also unpretentious. She not only physically stunned us with her gorgeousness as we got to get close and kissed her hello and goodbye, but also with her amiable and admirable attitude. Despite her meetings-packed business trip to Europe, she soldiers on with a sparkling smile through the tiring day of shooting and modestly tells us, ‘I still need to learn a lot.’ It is all these qualities combined that paints the lively portrait of a serious driving force in Fashion you see in front of you now.
started with studying fine art and Fashion design at high school and college in Beijing, but upon graduating, I decided to try my luck as a freelance stylist. I worked for various Chinese publications before joining ELLE China in 2008 and moved from my hometown Beijing to live in Shanghai.
For me, it’s really hard to say which one is my favourite piece. Every piece from my wardrobe has a story. Some people might have the same piece as me, but depending on our life differences, we will weave a different life story with the garment. After all, it’s the person who is wearing the clothes that make the piece more beautiful and alive.
is the life I live in and what I believe in. I love Alaïa, Mr. Yves Saint Laurent, Miuccia Prada, Nicola Ghesquière for Balenciaga, Chanel, Raf Simons, Thom Browne, Céline, Stella McCartney, Christopher Kane, and J.W. Anderson.
are: a tweed Jacket from Chanel Paris to Edinburgh collection; a classic simple white dress from Alaïa; a wicked vintage jacket from Heart Beats Vintage Jackets with one of my favourite artist Roy Lichtenstein’s painting on the back; and a 3D lips cardigan from Vivetta.
in the world are: Five Story in NYC, Decades in L.A, Opening Ceremony around the world, Le Lutin in Shanghai, Dong Liang in Beijing and Shanghai, Colette in Paris, and Dover Street Market in London.
PJ trend. I would love to wear PJ’s everyday in my life. (Laughs) Nonetheless, I don’t follow trends really. You know as a senior fashion editor, I write trends report every season for ELLE China’s collection books. For me, trends are just for people who need a guide to plan what they need to buy for next season earlier. But I don’t need this to choose the pieces I like. If they suit me, I will go for it. Even if they are totally out of trend right now. Also, I don’t hate or like trends. For me, everything is possible. I’m also a stylist. I can find styling inspirations from any trend. Maybe for others, this trend is ugly, but for me I will use this ugliness to create something interesting, maybe something new. Sometimes you know when you have a little bad taste, it’s a good thing, because this century we live in right now is about remixing.
in the Fashion industry is that nothing is impossible and the most amazing physical strength of everyone during Fashion week.
is to drink a lot of water and wear sunglasses to cover up my panda eyes. (Laughs) I don’t like to do facials ‘cause I feel uncomfortable about people touching my face. I don’t really have a health routine. When I work, I work really hard. When I play, I play really hard as well. When I eat, I eat a lot. When I sleep, I can sleep all weekend. I’m definitely a work hard, play hard person. Life is all that matters to me. Just enjoy the moment.
I might have a zoo! I love animals. (Laughs)
Photography by Paul Whitfield • Styling by Heather Falconer • Hair by Freya Danson Hatcher • Make up by Claire Carter • Photographer’s assistant: Jake Newell

Words by Carrie Lau