Issue 20
Meet Metal
Metals are being liquefied in the coolest shades to satisfy
the thirst for stunning nails this season.
Trends in nails have been swiftly moving throughout the years in size, style and different forms of nail art. Each year there is always a certain color or a special dash of something fresh that no fashion junkie would ever want to miss. It looks like this season we will be out cold in shimmering metallic toned down by shades of ink and asphalt. Leighton Denny has a lot to offer in a range of handsome tints, and to a big surprise, so does elegant Oscar de la Renta Beauty. Legendary manicurist Jin Soon presents an extraordinary array of liable colors you will forever serenely fall in love with - all named after her model clientele. Although if unconventional color schemes are not your cup of tea, play cool with a neat bronze or subtle nude. RGB Nail Foundation is the heaven of nudes.

If you have a hard time choosing, don’t. Manicurist Sabrina Gayle tells us how to achieve a satisfying union, “give your nails a chic and entrancing look this autumn/winter season! Solid metal nail polish is available in all possible color shades from gold to metallic blue and shimmering green. I am in love with the new wintery versions created by pairing warm tones with metallic tips.”

For those on the run, who find it too much hassle and don’t have an extra 40 minutes at the salon, don’t sweat it, we still have an answer to your fears. Not only can various modern nail stickers save the day, things like studs and nail decorations can truly add some quirky fun to your routine. Though there is one certain easy solution that will automatically jumpstart your nails to the ultimate fashion hierarchy: nail rings. They were traditionally seen mostly on Asian dancers, only now the idea is modernised to suit the urban woman. They can be found made from plain metals to the most luxurious fine jewelry pieces. Your manicure can be finished out of fine gold or silver with any possible details, gems and shapes. The most popular choice would have to be pointed nail frame rings, making fingers extra long, slender and refined. Times change and luxury evolves making it no longer bad manner to point the finger at what you want.

Photography by Phill Taylor;
nails by Sabrina Gayle;

styling by Hannah Almassi; hair and make-up by Stephanie G-M using Chanel and Bumble and Bumble; make-up assistant: Brighde Riddell; model: Laura Sanchez @ Union Models; photo assistant: Leonie-Blue Flemingo.
Words by Anya Rusakova
Celebrity Session Manicurist and Nail Artist Sabrina Gayle
worked on this shoot and shares her secret to achieve the perfect manicure.
“Preparation is the key for longevity!”


Step 1


File your nail to the desired shape and gently buff, creating a matte surface for the polishes to adhere to smoothly.

Step 2


Use a cuticle cream to soften your cuticles, then, gently push back. Remove any excess oil and you are ready to paint.

Step 3


Apply a base coat before painting on two coats of the color of your choice (making sure you are sealing the free edge of each nail). Allow the first coat to dry for at least a minute.

Step 4


Finish your manicure with Seche Vite top coat. My favorite! This will give you a super glossy finish, correcting any flaws.

Step 5


Time is the essence! Allow yourself extra time for your nails to dry in case of any mishaps.