Issue 27
Xiao Li
Fashion Designer Xiao Li has overwhelmed her tutors at the
Royal College of Art and the press
with a dreamy graduate collection that promises talent is on the rise.
“Stop the press!” is how Xiao Li’s graduate collection at Royal College of Art (RCA) is received. Namely, the Chinese womenswear designer has not only created a collection of immaculate quality but also combined creativity with aesthetics, innovation, and wearability. Overwhelming her tutors at RCA and press by creating her own fabric using silicone to fabricate her dreamy yet edgy knitwear collection uniting the softness of the pastel color palette with plump volume and bold geometric shapes. Like her peers, it is the young creative’s dream to have her own brand in the future. With such a promising graduate collection, we are certain the fabrication of her dream is in progress step by step reaching the stars in the near future.

Here Xiao shares with us about her love of Fashion, in particular knitwear.
EVER SINCE I WAS LITTLE, I have always loved clothes. I started learning how to draw at about 3 or 4 years old. When I was a little girl, the only thing that could make me focus is drawing and my mum noticed this, so she encouraged me to draw. Later, I moved on to design, then, especially fashion design.

RCA IS MY DREAM for a long time even before I do fashion. It is the right place for me, because I like to discover who I am and where I want to go by myself rather than being told. My tutor at RCA, Sarah Dallas, understands this and she encouraged us to find where we want to go and our own way to do things rather than telling us what we should do.

I HAVE BEEN REALLY LUCKY. Lots of people support me during my studies. My parents for sure. My family encouraged my creativity, because they give me enough space to think and choose what I want to do. They listen to me and give me advice, but never tell me what to do, so I created my dream and my lifestyle.
KNITWEAR IS MORE INDIVIDUAL and I have started working with knitwear since my degree at RCA. Every woman should own a nice knitted jumper. For my collection, I create my own fabric, and that's why my collection is really special. The starting point for the RCA graduate collection is the material Silicone.

MODERN, CONFIDENT, AND INDEPENDENT is the type of woman I think of when I design. I always love Cristóbal Balenciaga's work and nothing is ever too much in Fashion. However, fashion suicide to me is repeat and copy.

Photography by Anya Holdstock; styling by Georgia Boal Russell; hair by Masanori Yahiro; make-up by Paula Valencia using MAC cosmetics; model: Michelle / Premier; stylist's assistant: Leona Burton.
Words by Carrie Lau