Issue 46
Hannah Bronfman
Actor, businesswoman, DJ, model, sculptor, and writer,
Hannah Bronfman, wants to make it easier for us to feel beautiful – not only inspiring
us with her varied style but also with her brand new app, Beautified,
to book last minute beauty treatments when we urgently want them.
Besides being a businesswoman, Hannah Bronfman DJs, writes, acts, sculpts, and models. With bags of style and a flair for experimental looks, her latest venture, the Beautified app, offers us a new way to find and book same day beauty treatments at the best spas and salons in New York to fit our schedule without scouring a million salons for a coveted last minute free slot. Because frankly, when you have as many career ventures as Ms. Bronfman, who has the time?

Ms. Bronfman is every inch the fashionable entrepreneur, one of the New York girls about town, out every night and at every hot party. At the age of 20, the native New Yorker invested in her first business venture, a restaurant named Acme. “Our parents definitely told us we could be anything, or more than one thing, or more than two things,” explains her sister, Vanessa, referring to their stylish mother, who isShaft actress Sherry Brewer and their father who is a businessman, songwriter, and producer of films and Broadway musicals. Observing her mother’s colourful, bold, eccentric style must have allowed Ms. Bronfman the creative freedom to explore her identity when it came to fashion. Today, she even pulls off runway looks, such as blue eyebrows, the way no one but a cool New York It girl could…

Here, Ms. Bronfman talks to Playing Fashion about her many passions, various creative ventures and how staying beautiful does not need a complicated plan made months in advance.

I AM BLESSED TO HAVE A VARIED AND EXCITING CAREER. I never knew what I wanted to do but I knew what my passions were. I went to a liberal arts college during the financial crisis and was told that corporate life was going to be hard to get into. I was never into the corporate lifestyle and had worked at many different places during the summers leading up to college. I wanted to do my own thing and build something myself and my family would be proud of. I know I have much more to accomplish in my life and the sky is the limit on what I could develop.

WHEN I’M DJING I rarely make a playlist or choose music beforehand because I feed off the crowd's energy. If the event is in the early evening, I will keep things light and fun but as the night goes on I start mixing in the dance jams! I play a range of artists but some go-tos would be Drake, The O-Jays and Beyonce. When I DJ, I like to experiment with what I wear; I try to keep things interesting with a bright top and cool beauty look because I want to stand out in the booth.

MY PERSONAL STYLE IS SPORTY BUT FEMININE. I love designers Charlotte Olympia, Dior, Margiela, Balmain and Jason Wu. I like both vintage and online shopping for different reasons. Vintage is great for classic shapes and one of a kind pieces and online shopping is so convenient! I always find myself browsing and sometimes making late night purchases!

I DEFINITELY RUMMAGE AROUND EVERY MORNING when deciding what to wear. My closet is more like an organized chaos, but I guess if all else fails, I would always wear a vintage fur and a pair of Nicholas Kirkwood heels.

AT THE MOMENT MY FAVOURITE HOME ACCESSORIES are cozy blankets in neutrals and candles I bought upstate. For me home is all about feeling clean and comfortable. Since I live with my boyfriend, when looking for a new interior piece, I make sure it matches both our styles.

I AM HEALTH CONSCIOUS. I am a firm believer in the mantra "your body is a temple." Because of that, I stay away from gluten, dairy and refined sugars. I try to cook at home as often as I can and always have healthy snacks on me.

I love Seaweed snacks, Skinny Pop and Kind Bars. I also love to exercise and switch up my work out! I am always discovering new classes but my go-tos are definitely Pilates and boxing!

I TEND TO KEEP MY BEAUTY LOOK PRETTY NATURAL during the day; only using Lucas PawPaw Ointment, the Multiple by Nars in Portafino, Dior mascara and Anastasia Beverly Hill's brow pencil in soft brown. At night and for events I love to experiment! I have been very into playing around with my eyebrow color and creating fun and dramatic eyes and lips. I find that I'm always mixing my foundations to achieve the perfect color, I don't think that there is enough variety on the market for foundations for ethnic women with darker skin. The beauty brands I love include Shiseido, Lipstick Queen, RMS, Ardency, Dior and Nars.

I LOVE TO GET REGULAR BEAUTY TREATMENTS MYSELF, I usually get a blowout at the beginning of the week to start out on the right foot and my nails are always done! I love treating myself to a pedicure and massage also! If I have extra time, I like to schedule in a facial.

THE CONCEPT FOR THE BEAUTIFIED APP came from my frustration of not being able to book beauty treatments exactly when I wanted them. There are so many busy women whose day-to-day plans are always changing so I co-founded the app that books last minute appointments to hopefully solve this problem for the consumer. Beauty doesn't need to be planned, you want it when you want it and now it’s at your fingertips.

LOOKING TO THE FUTURE I’d love for the Beautified app to be in all major cities! Lookout on my social media platforms to see what’s to come for my personal developments!

Photography by GL Wood; styling by Shanna and Elissa; hair by Linh Nguyen / Kate Ryan Inc.; make-up by Anneliese Tieck. Opening Image: dress by Novis.
Words by Jenny Brownlees

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