Issue 57
Zanita Whittington
After ten years as a successful international model,
Australian-born Zanita Whittington fell into photography via her
personal style blog and has never looked back.
So much more than a pretty face. ‘I spent so much time researching and feeding my interest in fashion,' says Zanita Whittington, 'a friend suggested I should start a blog to share my work, inspiration and style.’ At first, posts were mainly inspiration-based images, mixed with personal style. The blog quickly gained a large number of followers who loved her chic ensembles. This led the Aussie beauty to buy her first ‘proper’ camera, at the time purely to post better quality photographs online. What began as a hobby grew into a deep interest and love of photography. Her blog guides us through her self-taught profession, evolving talent and skill. Those who have seen her beautiful and inspiring photographs are thankful for her lucky ‘fall’ into photography by way of blogging. Ms. Whittington began by turning the lens on her fellow bloggers and models, creating dreamy portraits on her now world famous blog. She has built a solid career in fashion, photographing editorials and working with brands that flock to her for striking street style images and high-quality advertising campaigns.

Here, Ms. Whittington talks to Playing Fashion about her personal style, bad hair and the future of fashion bloggers.

FASHION HAS BEEN A LIFELONG OBSESSION and I'm so grateful to be a part of this industry every day. I never believed it would happen until I got into photography, though I would always have described myself as a creative person. Maybe the universe placed me there! I was never really interested in photography until I bought my first SLR camera, which I purchased simply for better quality pictures for my blog, and it progressed from there.

WHEN IT COMES TO OUTFITS FOR FASHION WEEK I always plan on the day - I'm a freestyler! I don't usually have a lot of choice in winter because I'm just out of one suitcase. Some days when I'm shooting on the street in the cold, I'll be sticking to practicality. Fashion week is hectic, I'm still waiting to confirm a lot of work. In the fashion industry a lot of work projects are last minute, it's challenging. I feel like its bad luck to announce anything until it’s properly confirmed! For February's fashion week I'm definitely attending Milan and Paris. Last season, I did all four cities and it's hard work. I know I'll enjoy cutting back a little more!

AS FAR AS PERSONAL STYLE GOES I really love Phillip Lim, Josh Goot, Dries Van Noten, Stella McCartney, Chloé, Céline and Bassike. But honestly I love all the collections for their individuality. I love to see a show and imagine the editorial alongside.

MY FAVOURITE CITIES FOR STYLE SPOTTING are Stockholm and Tokyo - both so different from each other but so great. I love seeing people on the street and the way they express themselves with clothes. In Stockholm, it's a polished kind of chic and in Tokyo, it’s wildly colourful and original.

I HAVE MADE MANY A FASHION FAUX PAS in the past! But that’s part of the fun - you can't take risks without getting it wrong every now and then. Most of my faux pas are related to really bad hair styles and creased shirts. I'm also a serial under-dresser.

IT WOULD BE A DREAM TO PHOTOGRAPH Marion Cotillard, Michael Fassbender, Christian Bale, Guinevere Van Seenus, Malgosia Bela or Doutzen Kroes.

I’M RELATIVELY HEALTH CONSCIOUS, I'm always listening to my body and never overeating - I also subscribe to a high protein, low sugar diet philosophy. I'm low maintenance when it comes to beauty, having a clean face and moisturising is really all I need. I feel my most beautiful relaxed and myself - first thing in the morning, with no make-up, in jeans and a shirt. Beauty-wise I swear by a scrub made from lemon juice and fine grain sugar, it’s so cheap and makes your skin feel baby soft. I also love SKII facial treatment essence and masks, I swear they steal that stuff from the fountain of youth!

STYLE BLOGGERS WILL BRAND OUT in the future into other professional areas of the industry, becoming involved with consulting and working as brand spokespeople. I never know what’s around the corner for me in my career and that's the thrill. I'm just working hard and enjoying the opportunities afforded to me, if I had to say, maybe branching out into TV.

Photography by Tim Ashton; styling by Monique Maynihan / 2c Management; hair and make up by Miriam Nichterlein.

Opening Image: top by Alexander Wang from Robby Ingham; jeans by Cheap Monday - Zanita's own; shoes by Nike; belt by Isabel Marant.
Words by Jenny Brownlees

Mix boyfriend jeans, embroidered tops and
Birkenstocks like Zanita to look fairly cool and relaxed.