Issue 64
High Shine
Treat your precious tresses to the most delicate organic haircare products
for healthy shiny hair like the supermodel’s in your favorite ads.
April showers bring May flowers and there comes the hair crisis. The nightmare might be the dullness of colored, burnt and over washed hair further challenged by the forces of nature, such as humidity, rain, wind and sun damage. Don’t fret! Frankly speaking, all it takes to have healthy shiny hair like a supermodel’s is just a few easy steps in our daily haircare routine to maintain rich color and moisture.

Jo Harris, general manager at London’s Urban Retreat Boutique at Harrods revealed their secret weapon for blondes. “When hair is highlighted it has undergone a different treatment to colored hair and therefore requires customized attention. Leonor Greyl’sSublime Mèches provides a pure shot of the nutritional active ingredients, which these sensitive areas require.”

Developer at Leonor Greyl in Paris, Tom Brooks, also recommends using their professional treatment from the luxury salon available at Leonor Greyl’s online shop."We always apply our Crème aux Fleurs after a coloring treatment. It fixes the color into the hair fiber, softens damaged hair and desensitizes the scalp.”

Occasional in-salon treatments and masks with your monthly trims or post-coloring will have significant impact on your hair’s health as well. Urban Retreat offers an in-salon ritual mask from Kérastase and The Oleo Fusion treatment for dry and sensitized hair. Rahua organics also offers a similar luxury treatment to use at home. The Omega 9 repairs any hair from the most damaged state to the full shine.

Rahua and Leonor Greyl’s purely organic products are widely favored by many beauty experts for the high quality natural ingredients. “The main difference is that organic products are made or obtained from plants used for food and/or for human consumption. These plants are grown, cultivated and harvested without the use of petrochemical, man-made pesticides and fertilizers,” shares Fabian Lliguin, stylist, colorist and founder of Rahua, which uses natural ingredients from the deep jungles in the Amazon.

Mr. Lliguin also rejects the habit of daily shampooing as it strips the hair of natural oils, destabilizing the scalp’s pH. He recommends rinsing the hair with their thick conditioner in between shampooing. “It will remove oils and sweat after a gym session, keeping the color ultra-vibrant and the hair healthy.”

Switching to organic shampoos and conditioners is vital in our mission to fortify, restore and protect our hair. The beauty industry’s obsession with oils that nourish our hair with antioxidants has revolutionized the hair care system. Coconut, sunflower, or olive oils are rich in Vitamins E and C that treat and prevent dryness. They also promote healthier hair shafts and eliminate frizz when applied before styling. “Simply mix the oil with a tiny bit of water and apply onto wet hair prior to blow drying,”advises Ms. Harris.

Photography by Truls Qvale; styling by Fernando Torres; make-up by Harsha Chavda using Mac Pro Cosmetics; hair by Jamie McCormick / Frank Agency using Ojon; model: Anja Konstantinova / Premier Model Management.
Words by Elona Voytovych

These haircare products use natural and organic ingredients
to maintain rich color and moisture by nourishing our precious tresses
with vitamins achieving outstanding shine.