Issue 67
The Braided Bunch
Despite being age old and loved by ancient civilisations over centuries,
here is something that never gets old: beautiful braids.
Do the twist. The Africans, ancient Egyptians, the Greeks, the Celts, Native Americans, and even the Chinese did it and guess what? It is still as popular as ever. Evidence of this is its recurring appearance on this season’s catwalks from Dolce & Gabbana in Milan to Naeem Khan and Rebecca Minkoff in New York to Moschino in Paris. In discussion, in fact, is: braids - the hairstyle that interlace strands of hair.

“Pay attention to your hair,” US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton once says, “because everyone else will. Your hair will send very important messages to those around you. It will tell people who you are and what you stand for. What hopes and dreams you have for the world.”

That is certainly something former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko agrees upon, as many have attributed part of her success in establishing herself in the male-dominated world of politics with her braids. Inspired by Ms. Tymoshenko, hairstylist Francesca Vigliarolo has created beautiful braids for this editorial, which are easy to do yourself and take less than 10 minutes and could be worn everyday.

“The Tymoschenko-inspired hairdo is rather romantic and can be worn with a cute flower-print dress, or even with a simple white shirt,” recommends Ms. Vigliarolo. “To get that very clean Tymoschenko look, I prefer to straighten the hair before I start with a GHD straightener and bring out shine with Moroccanoil. First, part your hair in the middle, then, fix it with a normal ponytail in the neck area. Braid a ponytail and wrap it around your head. Fix it and you are done!”

“The double bun hairstyle can be worn for a girl’s night out in the club,” continues Ms. Vigliarolo. “Perfect combination could be pairing it with the ‘90s look or a basic white T-shirt.” To achieve this look, she recommends using the nose as a guide to get the perfect middle parting. Then, grab one section of hair, comb it high on your head and fix it with an elastic. Braid that section of hair, then, wrap it around the elastic and fix it with hairpins. Now, repeat on the other site.” To perfect that messy look, she recommends ruffling your hair softly using sea salt spray, such as Toni&Guy’s casual sea salt spray.

Photography by Christine Lutz; styling by Petra Vogel / Blossom Management; hair and make-up by Francesca Vigliarolo / Nordish Republic; model: Vanessa Walther / Model Management.
Words by Carrie Lau

To create beautiful braids, start by treating your hair on a daily basis and
finish off with a holding spray to fix the look for the whole day.