Issue 80
The Transformers
With their voluptuous notes, our favorite scents this
season transform our identity, mood, and summer experience.
Be it the way it accentuates one’s identity, evokes memories, or turns heads in a crowd, fragrance fascinates us and changes our entire frame of mind. Here, Playing Fashion picks ten of our favorites this summer - each unique in its own way, yet all intrigues and empowers us as each note unravels throughout the day.

One of the reasons that makes a perfume special is its power to transport us spiritually to a different place and inspire us. Transporting us to a warm seductive place are Prodigieux le Parfum by Nuxe and Harmattan by Roads. The first is born from the iconic fragrance of the Parisian brand’s top seller, Huile Prodigieuse; whereas the latter encapsulates the “scent of the wind as it crosses the Sahara desert” with sandalwood, bourbon, frankincense, and myrrh. Headed by the junipers that grow in Sardinia, Acqua di Parma’s Ginepro di Sardegna invites us on a carefree voyage cruising through the deep blue Mediterranean waves; while the magical scent of the vibrant midnight sun, which never sets in the Scandinavian summer, is bottled up in Solaris by niche Swedish brand Agonist.

Perfumes are, of course, also an indulgence. This summer comes a new interpretation of Thierry Mugler's iconic perfume - the one that caused a stir when it was first launched in the ‘90s for its uniquely super sugary formulation. With red berry sorbet, caramelized meringue, and vanilla, the new limited edition Angel Eau Sucrée is pure gourmand pleasure.
Similarly, Bonbon by Viktor & Rolf is an olfactory haute confection characterized by its caramel scent. Greeting us with a warm “Welcome to the Club” is Black Club Leather by Shay and Blue - a decadent scent of English leather, fire wood and mahogany - inspired by Blacks of Soho, a private members' club in London, and specifically its excessive indulgence in pleasure and luxury.

Naturally, the short-lived fragrance of flowers comes alive through perfumes. Flowerhead by Byredo is a voluptuous scent inspired by an Indian wedding ritual, where the bride and groom exchange Jaimala garlands as a token of mutual respect; whereas the irresistible apricot-fresh scent of summer is contained in this limited edition Silk Blossom Cologne by Jo Malone.

Last but not least is a celebration of the “past, present and future of perfumery”: Aedes de Venustas' Signature fragrance. This is the first scent by the niche perfume boutique in New York, created 17 years after Aedes de Venustas opened. What is truly unusual about this fragrance is its round construction, as oppose to the traditional fragrance pyramid, developing a luxurious bodacious scent of rhubarb, vetiver, red berries, and more.

Photography by Paul Krokos. Post Production by Abhishek Rana.

Opening Image: Bonbon by Viktor&Rolf.
Words by Carrie Lau