Issue 139

Pastel Perfection

Don’t fear the predictable by celebrating perfect pastel hues.

Pop of perfection. Pastels washed over the beauty trends of the spring/summer season with its lilac and lavender color waves. They can delicately accentuate features by being paired with brighter hues in the same color family, all while celebrating a range of pantones like teal, pale green, pink and peach. Pairing with monochromatic and complimentary hues makes for enticing color combinations and more modern approach to the trend.

Photography by Yulia Gorbachenko; styling by Connie Berg; makeup by Stefanie Willmann / Art Dept using RMS; hair by Greg Bitterman / RayBrownPro using Oribe Hair Care; manicure by Julie Kandalec / Bryan Bantry; model: Ilva Heitmann / Supreme; photo assistant: Ksenia Lambert; fashion assistants: Julia Gedei and Brenda de Baets; retouching by Daniel Plateado; special thanks to MAC Pro.

Words by Bert Martirosyan


Highlight and pair the perfect pastel hues with these products.

Issue 138


Amey Martin exemplifies luxurious modern maroquinerie with handbags that take tradition to the future.


Launched in March of 2015 by Jean-Baptiste Amey and Kitsey Martin, AMEY MARTIN is a fresh Parisian based line of handbags that immediately stands out with its tasteful approach to quality and design. With a focus on tradition, every bag is handmade in France by master leather craftsmen and has a futuristic design with contrasting textures like neoprene and leather, adorned with beautiful jewel shoulder straps – which is no wonder why celebrities like Rihanna and FKA Twigs have been seen donning the signature K23 bag.

For their Spring/Summer collection, Amey and Martin took inspiration from the minimalism of Earth’s waterscapes. “There is something really strong in these range of colors… from the light blue ocean to the dark deep black of the abyss.”

Playing Fashion dives in to explore the depths of the young designers’ inspirations, approach to modern luxury, and unearth the singularity of a stand out collection.
What are the roots of your inspiration for this collection?
We have watched on repeat this 90’s French movie Le grand Bleu (The Big Blue). We really liked the images, the large screen shot, and the minimal landscapes. The way that Director Luc Besson imagined a scuba diver as a supernatural human led us to create this ‘epaulière’ with a robotic design. We also decided to mix a technical textile: neoprene, with classical leather (sourced in the most traditional French tanneries). This inspiration was a way to explain, with our first collection, that we are here to think about the future of the luxury maroquinerie.
What was the best advice your parents or mentor gave you? Do you follow it?
Since the beginning of AMEY MARTIN, we have not followed a plan. Only our fascination for beautiful objects and a strong aesthetic requirement to dress women with our handbags. Generally, we don’t follow rules or trends, just our passion.
Is there a piece that defines the brand? What is special about it?
The AMEY MARTIN épaulière. This jewel on the shoulder really defines us. We have designed it specifically to feel really natural on the shoulder. In terms of design, it was created to make the handbag the main piece of a silhouette. Fashion has always been referencing handbags as accessories but actually, for women, it is the most important part of their styling.
What should a woman feel when wearing your designs?
She should feel authenticity and truth. When she is seen carrying one of our bags, its quality should be felt. She should feel like it is a luxury product but not in an ostensive way. This is the vision we have for our designs: natural and beautiful. That is what a women should feel when wearing an AMEY MARTIN bag.
Do you have a favorite fabric? Texture? What about it do you love?
Leather of course. This material is so tricky to understand. It offers so many possibilities in terms of design. As young designers and also "maroquiniers", we really use the material. We stay for hours in French tanneries to select the best leather. We also love exotic skins; they are part of the basis of the brand. We use leather in a modern way to break the traditional perception of it. We love create diversion, and to offer prescriptive bags.
What side of your company (outside of design) are you involved with that excites you, if any?
We have decided to manage our social network ourselves. These medias are a real extension of the brand. We love to explain our work, our inspirations and our ideas. Facebook and Instagram are the best way to understand us and our news.

Opening image: Wood Wood shirt; Danielle Romeril top; Norse Projects dress; Amey Martin bag.

Photography by Masami Naruo; styling by Karina Tanabe Jones; make-up by Yae Pascoe; hair by Tomomi Roppong using Bumble & Bumble; model: Isobella Bowering / The Squad; photographer’s assistant: Steven Lai.
Words by Bert Martirosyan


Issue 137

Go for Bold

All signs point to bold accents for a season that's all about being loud and proud.

This season make sure you settle for nothing less than bold. It’s all about statements, and when you tire of soft hues of pinks and purples, it’s the powerful primaries and tertiaries you can rely on. Makeup was and always will be a woman using her face as a canvas for paint and that’s why shying away from making an impression is not an option. Be careful not to overdue it with an assortment of colors, but rather a minimal accent. While the no-makeup look will still stay in style, dashes of candy apple or royal blue applications draw onlookers to your most beautiful features.

Photography by Amie Milne; styling by Lilja Hronn; makeup by Victoria Martin; hair by Leigh Keates; model: Bibi Sharipova / M+P; casting by Bert Martirosyan; photographer's assistant Nathalie Thery.

Words by Bert Martirosyan


Accent minimal to no concealer with these beautiful bolds.

Issue 136

Power of Pink

This season take advantage of bubblegum hues to really capture the virtue of pink.

With the color palette in full flux every season, this spring and even summer is heavily influenced by pink and grapefruit casts. Leaning towards the dustier side of pink, rather than the bold and loud we’re normally used to, this playful shade was seen accentuating all of the international runways. From Gucci to Simone Rocha, the pale blush tones appeared to empower the delicate color when worn as a solid or a simple accent. As typical or cliché as the color may seem, don’t underestimate or shy away from playing with it. Get on board and embrace the stylish resurgence as one of the most stereotypical color waves transforms into something contemporary and intelligent.

Photography by Jeremy James; styling by Yety Akinola; hair & makeup by Ronnie Peterson @ Wilhelmina Artists; model: Josefin Bresan @ Marilyn; retouching by Kate Gash.
Words by Bert Martirosyan


This season take advantage of bubblegum hues to really capture the virtue of pink.

Issue 135


Bristol beauté Lucy Evans stands out with her doe-blue eyes and charming persona.


Lucy Evans has one of those gazes. You know, the ones photographers and editors rave about (the one every model is practicing in the mirror). This lets her go from soft and sweet to edgy and editorial with a quick furrow of the brow, which takes us by no surprise when she debuted as a Givenchy exclusive. It just made sense.

Growing up in Stoke-On-Trent, a small pottery town in England, she was discovered at a young 13-years-old while shopping around with friends. “As a kid I was so mischievous, always playing in the garden with some friends. I wanted to be an artist,” she says. Here, we capture Lucy in a very natural setting, donning simple wardrobe and showing Playing Fashion what those eyes are made of.

how to embody a lot of different characters from all walks of life. I remember walking for Givenchy, I needed to have a fierce persona and that was something I had never seen in myself before.


and you’ll usually see me in my jeans and a t-shirt with my favorite black boots. I’ll wear brands like Alexander Wang to J Brand and Brandy Melville and my fragrance is YSL Black Opium.


would include fish and quinoa or sweet potato with vegetables. Oh, and 80% cocoa chocolate with a glass of almond milk – my guilty pleasure!


before going to bed and exercising. I use everything Kiehl's including their toner, cleanser and moisturizer. For makeup, a tint of foundation and Sisley's L’Orchidee highlighter blush.


is to do bikram yoga, although I will never turn down a game of netball! I love to be active. Follow that with some lemon water.


I go to Moddershall Oaks hotel spa in Stone as much as I can when I’m home. Other than that, I have a book or a sketchbook with me at all times.


having real friends. All you really need is a positive attitude and some pizazz!


essentially my diary. Scrolling through my posts brings back so many memories and experiences. It's great that it's so easily accessible to everyone.

Opening Image: Maria Black jewelery.

Photography by Amie Milne; styling by Basma Khalifa; hair by Satomi Suzuki; makeup by Michelle Dacillo; model: Lucy Evans @ Select; casting by Bert Martirosyan.

Follow Lucy on Instagram: @lucyzoeevans
Words by Bert Martirosyan


Get Lucy's favorite products for a simple and natural look.

Issue 134


Playing Fashion meets Chiharu Okunugi, Japanese school girl turned top model.


The timing of a model’s debut can almost always determine the success one can anticipate from the career. When Chiharu Okunugi appeared on the scene four years ago in Paris, she was met with an incredible runway season, walking for the likes of Yohji Yamamoto, Hermès and Thierry Mugler. Shortly after she has appeared on covers for Love and Vogue Japan, while also heralding coveted Chanel and Céline ad campaigns.

“I was discovered on my way back home from school,” explains Chiharu. “I was waiting for the train and I was still wearing my school uniform!” Here, Chiharu unwinds with Playing Fashion and has some fun. For all the mounted success, the young model remains down-to-Earth as she talks to us about tennis, nutrition and the ultimate fun: shopping.
in Tokyo. I was a regular girl: went to school, hung out with friends, spent time with family. Now I live about 15 minutes from my childhood home.
with a cup of hot coffee. When I leave my house, my 5 must-haves are my phone, wallet, keys, a watch and lots of rings.
in nutrition. I have been reading lots of books on it… It’s so informative! I have started to incorporate it into my cooking too.
is walking the Mugler show. It was my first show in Paris for the Spring/Summer 2012 collections, so I remember it very well.
is all about relaxing. One of my great friends in Tokyo owns an amazing spa and I love to go there with some friends to unwind.
is shopping. More recently, I have been liking a lot of vintage and older pieces.
it’s usually just a little bit of mascara and concealer. I also spray a little bit of a Tom Ford fragrance on which I have been using forever.
is very simple. I use easy and organic products for my face and body. My skin is rather dry, so I use lots of creams and oils. I believe that is the best thing for dry skin – to keep it moisturized.
is tennis. I absolutely love to play it, but I have gotten a bit out of practice… I’m waiting on Spring to get here so I can get back out there!

Opening image: Breelayne sleeveless dress; Eric Javits hat.

Photography by Tim Zaragoza; styling by Sayuri Murakami; hair by Yuhi Kim; makeup by Kento Utsubo; model: Chiharu Okunugi @ NYMM; casting by Bert Martirosyan.

Follow Chiharu on Instagram: @chiharuokunugi

Words by Karpavičius Tadas

Issue 133
Playing Fashion reunites with Dutch model Marique Schimmel.
From first appearing in Playing Fashion’s March 2011 print issue, to this model profile, Marique Schimmel is one of the girls that has paved through the ever-revolving door of coming and going models. Her lasting beauty and consistent top clients have gotten her the title of “Money Girl” while also being an editorial favorite.

An innocent story of discovery, she was scouted in 2010 while shopping in Amsterdam. Over the past six years, Marique’s personality remains grounded, while still managing to give everyone goosebumps with her masterful presence on set.

Playing Fashion catches up as she reveals her rest and relaxation rituals, guilty pleasures, and sweet tooth.
are both home. I grew up in a place called Enkhuizen. I lived there until I was twenty so all my childhood and teenage memories are there. That is special enough as it is!
I was not easy! A little brat. I was crazy about dolphins and horses, I wanted to be a veterinarian.
with one of my dogs waking me up. I walk them, make them breakfast and then a cup of tea for myself. I really enjoy cooking things from scratch, from breakfast granola to lasagna. Italian food is just the best!
I think working out a lot as a kid made me fit to this day. I just do the gym now. I’m not into cardio, so what I like to do is sprint and add weight training on after.
I took a course and it taught me a lot. That’s something I take to every shoot. Right now you can ask me to be anything and I’ll be in my zone!
is spent with my boyfriend and dogs. I’ll go to this amazing spa in NYC called Aire. I have the best body therapist there and after long flights, it’s a must.
is super easy. Usually black jeans, t-shirt and boots, but I can really dress it up into something nice. Givenchy is my all time favourite for t-shirts and sweaters.
is quick for me. Just some YSL Touche Éclat or Laura Mercier under the eyes does the trick. I’ve been wearing the same fragrance since I was fourteen – Ralph by Ralph Lauren.
Lip balm, keys, my phone, wallet, and a bag to put it all in! (laughs)
is part of my job. I typically post pictures from a shoot or a backstage shot. You won’t find much of my private life on there!
Loving and being loved. Or Nutella, lots of Nutella… One of my guilty pleasures is eating apple pie with vanilla ice cream on the couch while watching a TV show.

Follow Marique on Instagram: @mariqueschimmel

Photography by Felix Wong; styling by Yuiko Ikebata, hair & make-up by Cynthia Christina; model: Marique Schimmel @ Supreme; casting by Bert Martirosyan.

Opening image: Top by Issey Miyake.
Words by Bert Martirosyan
Issue 132
Falling For School
The further we get into fall - the more nostalgic we get about that first day of school.
Sentimental to the traditional school girl look, we find ourselves playing with short length skirts, patterned jackets and tall socks with our knees still exposed. With warm shades of nature and the soft feel of wool, this fall embraces a more romantic side of school days. As the trees change colors with the shift in weather, the apparel this season follows suit: Burgundy, browns, reds, grey and cream compliment each other with a plethora of fabric types. Chunky knits bundled under long sleeved jackets play with textures and patterns, looking effortlessly charming and subtly alluring while keeping warm on way to winter.
The naturally styled hair also compliments the earthy nature of this season as you wrap a scarf around yourself to feel cozy against the chilly winds. Find comfort in yourself through various lengths of layers by mixing long jackets with short bottoms or long pants with a high waisted tweed jacket show. This mélange of romantic fall colors and school helps embrace our body shapes with a natural and soft look.

Opening Image: Coat by Folkjumper by John Smedley; shorts by Paul & Joe;socks by American Apparel; shoes by Dr. Martins. Photography by by Michelle Beatty; photo assistant: Matt Moran; styling by Rachel Davis / One Represents; make up by Kristina Ralph; hair by Johnnie Biles / Stella Creative Artists; model: Sonya Maltceva / M&P; casting by Bert Martirosyan; retouching: Kivela Imaging.
Words by Caitlin King
Issue 131
The Sweetest Thing
Long Hot Days Are Punctuated with the Sweetness of Good Girl Style.
Beat The Heat. In hues of the primmest pinks, and soothing blues we welcome the sweeter sides of street style. Unhinged comes our tough exterior, shedding our biker jackets, leaving only a Lolita-like state of summer-wear. Paired with sun-kissed skin, are ice cream tones that bring out the power of our girlish sides and the playfulness of a mid-summer breeze. Lightweight knits, and silk slip dresses keep the heat at bay, while proving to be the uniform for achieving this look. Dive in, sweet thing.

Opening Image: Ashish dress, Intimissimi bra. Photography by Stella Asia Consonni; styling by Francesca Turner; hair by Yusuke Morioka; makeup by Michelle Dacillo; model: Stephanie Hall / Models1; photographer's assistant: Hana Zborilkova.
Words by Michaela d'Artois
Issue 130
Dark Romance
This summer, set the mood with blooms that fade to black, with a whole new take on florals.
Park after dark. It's officially time to take transition femininity of florals to a new noir with this springs' Dark Romance. Indulge in the edgier side of blooms, with a beclouded love affair between jewel toned petals, and gothic inspired proportions. Floras new graphic prints make for a rock star garden party when paired with dark denim, a black tee, or leather jacket. Take the sartorial on a jaunt into the park after dark.

Opening Image: Emma Berwin Fur jacket; Intimissimi bra; Zeynep Kartal pants; Melissa x Alexander Herchcovitch shoes. Photography by Jeff Boudreau; styling by Michelle Kelly / Carol Hayes Management; hair by Terri Capon / Factory London; makeup by Oonah Anderson; model: Mila / Select; photographer's assistant: Antonio Milevcic.
Words by Michaela d'Artois