Issue 9
Alba Galocha
Playing Fashion learns why model and blogger at Vogue España,
Alba Galocha, is Madrid’s coolest girl.
eet Madrid’s it girl of the moment, Alba Galocha. An up and comer in the modeling world, she already has a L'Oréal campaign under her belt, as well as walking for some of Madrid’s best designers during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. With her long dark locks and deep brown eyes, Alba is natural beauty personified. Despite her classic model looks, her ability to evoke high fashion is evident in her editorial work; an image where she looks simply stunning with a short, edgy crop shines. Alba’s great personal style and genuine love of fashion are evident on her blog Tea Time, a contributor to Vogue España’s website. The visual diary beautifully charts her style, day-to-day life and travels.

Playing Fashion catches up with Alba to talk fashion, style and the future.
I think my fashion journey began when I was quite young. I've always liked fashion. I knew I wasn't tall enough to model even though I liked to think about it when I was a kid. When I got older, I was still as into fashion, so I decided to study Fashion Design in Madrid. One day I met a photographer who was looking for a girl to shoot a campaign with and finally he decided to shoot me. He was really nice and he liked me so he sent the photographs to my currently booker and I began to work with them, and have been for three years since. In this time I’ve grown up a lot.
At the beginning I didn't think I could live off being a model but I'm doing it because it's something that I really enjoy, I like when I get to work every morning and also because I have awesome bookers.

MY BEAUTY ROUTINE consists of washing my face a few times during the day and drinking a lot of water with slices of lemon. It takes time to be polished, but if you try, everyone can find an easy and comfortable beauty routine. In the morning and evening, I use Beauty Miscellar Water from Perris to wash my face and to retain moisture I use the eye contour gel from Bioderma and a daily moisturizing cream from Aesop. I don't really like to go to salons as I feel it takes so long that I’m losing so much time, so when I do go there I want it to be fast. Though when I’m at home in Madrid, I always find time to go to Teatro Hair&Care.
I LIKE TO TAKE CARE OF MY BODY and it's a good feeling to see how it evolves and gets fit. When I was in Madrid all the time, I used to go to the gym but I travel a lot now because of my work, which makes going to the gym regularly a difficult task. I've discovered an app for my iPhone called Nike Training Club that has made keeping up with my fitness when staying in hotels way easier.

I HAVE SOME TREASURED WARDROBE PIECES like my Martin Margiela high heels, Yohji Yamamoto trench, Davidelfin trousers and my little Chanel bag. I really like the work that Humberto Leon and Carol Lim are doing with Kenzo. I admire Alexander Wang, it's amazing how well he's doing at Balenciaga. Japanese designer Rei Kawakubo is one of my favorites and Comme des Garçons is a brand I'm more into lately. My latest fashion find is an amazing Kenzo jacket. I like to discover little shops while I walk around different cities. It's the best way to find hidden treasures. My favorite city to go shopping is with no doubt Paris with Colette, Pretty Box, Tabio and their socks.
Words by Jenny Brownlees

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